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Explore how Kanban, ASIT, and strategic patent management drive innovation, streamline processes, and protect intellectual property. Learn how Abexion specializes in adapting these tools for diverse industries, enhancing productivity, and accelerating time-to-market. Unlock your business's potential with our tailored solutions and expert guidance.

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Kanban as an innovation management tool

Kanban, originating as a production method, has significantly impacted innovation management since around 2000, especially in software projects.

Known for its clear visualization of work and workflow management, Kanban expedites identifying and rectifying inefficiencies, thus speeding up innovation processes. Its key strengths lie in enhancing task prioritization and encouraging team collaboration, ensuring smooth progression, particularly for critical projects.

Initially successful in software development, Kanban expanded to manufacturing around 2010, showcasing its versatility across industries.

In the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the Kanban system requires customization to meet their unique needs. ABEXION specializes in adapting Kanban for these sectors, ensuring enhanced innovation management that boosts productivity and accelerates time-to-market.

In conclusion, Kanban's evolution from a manufacturing aid to a crucial innovation management tool underscores its versatility and effectiveness across various industries. At ABEXION, we support the implementation of one of the world’s leading Kanban software tools, tailored specifically to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. This highlights Kanban's ability to address industry-specific challenges.

Easy to implement and scalable, Kanban streamlines processes, enhances teamwork, and facilitates rapid adaptation, driving growth and innovation in complex, regulated industries. Our core strength lies in delivering a system that provides critical project information at the earliest possible stage: "Your Project Pulse at the Speed of Now".

Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking

ASIT, short for Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking, is a convergent creativity method that contrasts with divergent techniques like brainstorming.

Unlike approaches that encourage the generation of numerous ideas without restraint, ASIT focuses on systematically producing ideas that meet specific criteria, providing a structured approach with a clear beginning, process, and conclusion. Rooted in the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), ASIT aims to circumvent unconscious thinking patterns to discover original and feasible ideas.

It can be used for idea generation as well as for problem solving, making it a versatile tool in creative endeavors.
Widely adopted by organizations globally for systematic innovation, especially in professionally moderated innovation workshops, ASIT was designed based on an analysis of thousands of successful innovations to identify common patterns behind effective solutions.

By pinpointing limitations, ASIT directs the generation of ideas toward distinctive, viable solutions, making it an essential technique for creative problem-solving. It encourages new ideas by finding problems and challenging old ways of thinking.

For this tool, we are partnering with a leading provider known for their innovative solutions and exceptional expertise in the field.

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Why a sound patent strategy is critical to your business

In a competitive marketplace, protecting intellectual property (IP) is essential. Patents ensure innovation, maintain competitive advantage, and drive business growth. At Abexion, we offer comprehensive patent strategy services to maximize the value of your IP portfolio.

A well-defined patent strategy provides numerous benefits: it prevents competitors from copying your innovations, generates revenue through licensing, enhances your market position to attract investors, and reduces litigation risks.

At Abexion, we specialize in circumventing patent-protected technologies while ensuring robust protection of your portfolio against similar tactics. We help optimize your portfolio to align with business goals, enforce patent rights, explore monetization opportunities, and provide strategic guidance to navigate the patent landscape.

Abexion uses advanced tools to deliver actionable insights. We analyze your portfolio's strengths and weaknesses, provide a detailed view of the competitive landscape, and use predictive analytics to forecast the success of patent applications.

We excel at identifying needs and opportunities in various industries, including life sciences, medical devices, and chemicals, especially for small and mid-sized companies. A sound patent strategy is essential to protect and leverage innovation.

With Abexion’s comprehensive services, we help you navigate the complex IP landscape, enhance business value, and secure your market position.

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