Meet our team

Meet our distinguished team members, Dr. Adalbert Huber and Ms. Naisha Gandhi, who bring unparalleled expertise and innovation to our operations. Their profound contributions in their respective fields have significantly propelled Abexion forward, making a remarkable impact in the industry.

Dr. Adalbert Huber

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Dr. Adalbert Huber - CEO

Professional Profile:
Extensive background in chemistry with a progressive evolution into application technology, research, and strategic business leadership. Deep expertise in innovation management, evidenced by over 20 patents held. A pioneer in integrating Kanban into innovation management within the chemical and pharma industries, Huber has dedicated a decade-long effort to this approach, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and R&D productivity. This commitment positions Huber as a leading figure in adopting agile methodologies for innovation management, leading to improved project execution speed and team effectiveness. Proven track record of delivering award-winning products.

Development and management of a robust and world leading patent portfolio underline a continuous commitment to innovation. Successful implementation of Kanban and agile methodologies has led to markedly improved project execution speed and team effectiveness.

Naisha Ghandi

Naisha Gandhi

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Naisha Gandhi

Ms. Naisha Gandhi, a key partner of Abexion, brings a wealth of experience in Management Consulting, Business Development, Corporate Training, and Marketing.

Her adaptable methodology has yielded considerable accomplishments in various capacities, notably as a Corporate Advisor at Shori Prep School and as a Business Partner at Taxshe Services Pvt. Ltd, where she focused on initiatives promoting women's empowerment and safety. At the Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai, her contributions to business development and international partnerships highlighted her capacity to drive innovation and establish meaningful collaborations. Serving as the Marketing Project Head for "Palace on Air", Ms. Gandhi has proven to be an indispensable asset to our team through her innovative strategies.

In her role, Ms. Gandhi partners with Abexion to manage business operations in India, providing extensive support and insights to clients on our products and services.